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Supporting SEN

A significant number of children might have special educational needs at some time during their time at School/college.  These might be the result of general learning difficulties, specific problems or the need to be able to make full use of a specific ability. 

Sometimes learning problems can be lengthy and complicated and in other cases they can be overcome in a short period of time, through individual help and guidance. We aim to ensure that our schemes of work, teaching methods, learning opportunities and learning materials are sufficiently extensive and varied to meet the range and complexity of individual needs. 


When children experience significant learning difficulties they might require extra teaching support within the classroom or need to be withdrawn, either individually or in small groups, to be with one of the Special Educational Needs teaching team.  The children receive more intensive help and guidance specific to their individual needs, an individual programme of work being provided to help meet these needs.  External services and support staff are also involved whenever necessary and appropriate.


The length of time the children are given this extra support depends upon the individual difficulties and progress.  Parents are strongly encouraged to support their children and it is intended that some work will be undertaken at home, with parental help.

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