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Future Training Business Partnership: About
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in 2024!
Limited Spaces


Looking to grow and develop your Sports coaching or Childcare business?

We're on a mission - Inspirational learning, creating outstanding futures and organisations


Quality apprenticeship programmes delivered alongside a wealth of added value resources such as a fully compliant staff management system, teaching resources in the form of an online PE national curriculum and assessment tool, business development and action planning support.

Our Apprenticeships

We deliver apprenticeships and training tailored to develop the learner as an individual and therefore enhance the employer and its services as an organisation. As an employer who has benefited from employing our own apprenticeships over the last 8 years and growing a successful organisation in the sports, childcare and education sector we know one cannot happen without the other. Nurturing the learner and supporting the employer is our dual aim and at the heart of every placement. 


Continuity and Sustainability


Recruitment and retention is one of the biggest barriers all employers face, through our Training Group we will help your organisation recruit, train, develop, progress, and retain the best individuals for your organisation; enhancing your service offering and implementing a sustainable staff management strategy.


We're in it for the long haul


As part of our Training Group our dedicated team will work with your organisation each year to support your business strategies and goals.


Quality not quantity 


We have a maximum of 10 business partners for the 2024 academic year and we would like to invite you to a 15 minute introductory online session about 'Future Training Group' opportunities and the impact this will have on your organisation. 


The benefits of being part of our Training Group are:


- High quality apprenticeship delivery model

Added value in receiving all the following - for only £30 a month - yes you read it right!

- Business gap analysis

- Business action plan support

- Staff management system, a fully compliant managing system that covers every aspect of staff management and focuses on supporting the performance of your staff and achieving your core company objectives. It also allows you, as the employer, to implement policies, training tutorials, manage staff leave, store and track qualifications, inbuilt reward scheme for employees, track equipment,  and work schedules amongst other key features.

- Online curriculum for PE, sport and physical activities and assessment tools.

-  Bespoke business CPD


We will only be working with certain providers in geographical areas so it really is a great way to develop your business.

Interested in joining a 15 minute discovery call? Submit your interest below and we'll be in touch

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