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Interview tips...

1. Research The Company

Many companies have almost all their information online. In order to impress your interviewer, it is best to bring up one or two topics and questions regarding the companies you are applying for. This will make you stand out, and look resourceful.

2. Plan Your Travel Route

It is always best to plan your journey well in advance. There may be traffic or tube delays, so make sure you continually take the quickest and easiest route on the day. Being late doesn’t look good, but if you are late, call ahead, don’t panic, don’t run away. You only have no chance when you don’t try.

3. Practice Questions With A Person You Feel Confident With.

In order to make sure that you have your interview technique down on the day, practicing with someone you trust will help you calm down on the day and fill you with confidence.

4. Dress To Impress

The clothes you wear reflects on your personality. Dress for the position that you have applied for, you may not always need a suit, tie and boots. You can look smart in other ways. Wash, shave (for guys), simple make up (for girls). Don’t show off your muscles or legs. Remember, it’s not a night out!

5. Bring All Your Documents

You’ve worked hard for those certificates! Show them off! Keep a folder with all your relevant pieces of paper. Passport, bank statement, utility bill (mobile phone bill does not count!), P45, and National Insurance number should be kept safe and to hand.

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